Making your custody transfer work for everyone in your family

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Family Law

If you have decided to share legal and physical custody of your kids with your ex-spouse, you must meet to transfer custody of the children when your parenting time begins and ends. While many parents do not put much thought into the location of the custody transfer, designating a site is likely to help you avoid future conflict with your children’s co-parent.

Drafting a comprehensive parenting plan is a good way to outline each parent’s rights and responsibilities. Your parenting plan may also deal with the technical issues of your custody arrangement. To make your custody transfer work for everyone in your family, you must choose the right place for the custody transfer.


It may be tempting to transfer custody at your new home or your ex-spouse’s. Doing so, however, may be a recipe for disaster, especially in the first few months or years after your divorce. After all, it may be uncomfortable to see your former partner in his or her new residence. Picking a neutral site is probably a better idea.


Neither you nor your ex-spouse should have to bear the burden of inconvenience when commuting to and from the custody transfer site. Consequently, you may want to designate a location that is equidistant between your two homes. A place you each visit frequently, such as your children’s school or a shopping center, may be ideal.


Finally, you must be certain your custody transfer location is safe for you, your ex-spouse and your kids. Picking a bright and public place is wise. Remember, though, because of Minnesota’s temperature extremes, a place that is usually safe may become unsafe during the winter.

You do not want your custody transfer to become fodder for an argument with your ex-spouse. Therefore, the two of you may want to negotiate a primary transfer location and a backup one to ensure the exchange remains stress-free.