How can you handle co-parenting during the school year?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Family Law

As kids return to school, many parents find themselves unsure of how to continue to co-parent right after a divorce. It is always easier when the kid is at home, but as kids grow, they are going to have a wider circle of friends and a social life.

Can you co-parent with your ex=spouse? The Huffington Post claims that there are ways that you can communicate effectively with your former spouse.

Learn how to communicate with the school

Many schools have an electronic communication platform. If you and your ex-spouse share a password, you need to consider creating your communication log-ins. Now if the school does not allow either of you to have more than one log-in, then you and your spouse need to share the password to ensure that you both can contact the school when necessary.

Attend parent-teacher conferences together

You can coordinate some of your appearances together. When it comes to parent-teacher conferences, you should be there to discuss your child. Sometimes both parents can’t be there but if your child has any struggles, the two of you can talk it out. If he or she has concerns, this is also the time to discuss them with the doctor.

Use a shared calendar

One of the best ways that you can keep track of appointments and extra-curricular activities is to have an interactive and shared calendar. The two of you can keep track of important dates, such as appointments or extracurricular activities.

To deal with a divorce is difficult enough, but when you have to balance a child’s school life, you need to have it all organized to the best of your ability.