Regarding COVID-19:

Collins, Buckley, Sauntry & Haugh remains open for business during this Stay at Home period as our work has been deemed essential by Governor Walz. To ensure we can serve our clients and that our staff is safe and healthy we are doing our work remotely. We continue to work on current and new client matters. Minnesota Courts are determining which cases will be heard based on their priority level. If you have an active case and an upcoming hearing date, we will notify you regarding any additional impact the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 may have on your case. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation during this time.

Month: May 2019

What Is A Motion To Dismiss

Not every lawsuit goes to trial. If someone has filed a complaint against you, it does not mean that you must go before the court – but it does mean that you must respond. A “Motion to Dismiss” is one such response. It is usually filed immediately after the complaint...