How do you find a good long-term care facility?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Estate Planning

Dealing with the future possibility of needing a care facility may feel overwhelming to many people. However, it is an important step to consider during estate planning.

But how does a person find a good long-term care facility in the first place?

Know what support you need

The National Institute on Aging discusses the importance of long-term care. Many people lose the ability to live in a fully independent way as they grow older. Whether due to physical issues such as arthritis, or mental issues like dementia, older individuals often need that little bit of extra support.

When picking a long-term care facility, it is important first and foremost to make sure they have the kind of care that a person needs. There are plenty of facilities with specialties, such as facilities that specialize in caring for patients with memory disorders.

No matter how many stars a facility has and how good the reviews are, it will not serve as a pleasant experience if it does not have what a person needs.

Check facilities out in-person

To that end, once a person narrows down their list of possibilities, it is important to go through and check as many facilities as possible in person.

Not only does this allow someone to get a feel for how the staff is, but they can take a look at the facility, too. Does it seem up to date? Well cared for? How do the residents and staff interact and what do they have to say about the facility itself?

Knowing these things first-hand is the best way to get a gauge on which facility is the best.