How to document digital harassment from co-workers

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Employment Law

In the event a fellow worker harasses you in the workplace, federal law gives you recourse to sue your employer if they do not take steps to stop the malicious behavior. Unfortunately, a worker who wants to torment you does not have to confine harassment to the workplace and might bully you through the internet.

As Business News Daily points out, some people mistreat others on the internet because they are not facing their victims directly, so they feel emboldened to act in a hateful manner. However, online bullying is also easier to prove if you know how to document it.

Save harassing emails

A worker might email you with threatening or hateful messages. Even if the email is anonymous, you may suspect a particular co-worker is sending it. Saving these emails in your email account may help you prove your case, but you can also back them up on your personal computer or on a flash drive. You could also print out your emails so you do not risk losing them.

Take screenshots of online harassment

Thanks to social media, people can post their thoughts on any subject and to as wide an audience as they choose. Sometimes these posts can be mean and vicious. Some harassing workers post lies on their own accounts or go to a victim’s account and post there. If hateful posts show up on your social media, you could take screenshots of them before the malicious party deletes the posts or sets their profile to private.

Gather a file documenting the harassment

If there are multiple examples of someone bullying you online, maintaining a file of all of the incidents can keep you organized. If the time comes to take legal action, you should not have to worry about looking for all the evidence you have accumulated. Having your own file could also help you feel confident about taking legal action since you have the evidence to show the harassment that has taken place.