Have you chosen a guardian for your kids while planning your estate?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2020 | Firm News

You dread the idea of end-of-life planning, but you stumble over the idea of choosing someone to raise your kids in your absence even more. Despite your reluctance, it is a task you have to do for the good of your children. 

Forbes offers a bit of guidance to help you decide on the right person to name as guardian for your kids. Rather than focus on how you feel about this aspect of estate planning, concentrate on doing what is right for your kids. 

Keep your values at the forefront 

Before you list guardian candidates, think of the values you want your children to know and hold close to their hearts. Besides specific values, consider spiritual or religious values you want to introduce to your kids. This list can help you decide who would do a great job of instilling these values in your son or daughter. 

List your candidates  

After noting your essential values and who you feel is up to the task of instilling them in your kids, whittle down your list of candidates. True, your brother may share your values, but he may not have the temperament necessary to raise kids. For this part, consider candidates’ current (and future) family structure, mental and emotional well-being, financial health, and their current relationship with your children. 

Inform your final choice  

You do not want your chosen guardian’s designation to come as a surprise, especially considering the circumstances surrounding how a person becomes a guardian in more than name only. Let the person know that you chose them and why. More importantly, ask the person if he or she accepts your decision, recognizing that the individual may need time to think things over. 

No one enjoys thinking about their death, understandably so. Deciding on a guardian for your kids could be easier with the help of an experienced legal professional.