Is my spouse having an online affair?

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2019 | Firm News

Infidelity in a marriage is hard to take. While most couples agree that zero tolerance for cheating is reasonable, online affairs and flirtations are a bit more complicated. While some people consider this to be as serious as a physical act of cheating, others think that these situations are less serious since there is no actual contact. Regardless, online affairs can take a real toll on a marriage and can easily turn into affairs in the traditional sense. Very Well Mind recommends looking for the following signs if you’re concerned about virtual infidelity.

Many of the signs of an online affair have to do with the family computer. If your home has a single computer, your spouse will be forced to conduct an affair from that device, which can lead to suspicious behavior. For instance, you may notice that the passwords have changed, and your spouse may be unwilling to disclose them. He or she may also move the computer to another area of the home where it can be used in isolation. It’s also common for the browsing history to be deleted on a regular basis, so you can’t discover evidence of the affair.

More personal effects can also occur. Your spouse may appear uninterested in your life together. He or she may also be uninterested in physical or emotional intimacy with you and may even neglect special occasions. People carrying on affairs may also change their schedules so they can be on the computer undisturbed for parts of the day. This usually means that a person will wake up very early or go to bed very late.

If you decide to confront your spouse, be prepared for denial and deflection. At this point, you must decide if it’s worth staying in the relationship with the person. If you’re not willing to do so, the next step should be to contact a divorce attorney to discuss how to proceed.