Mistakes to Avoid during a Personal Injury Case

When you suffer an injury as a result of another person’s negligence or mismanagement, there is a good chance that you will be eligible for compensation. However, in order to be awarded this compensation, you will need to file suit and begin a personal injury legal case against the person or company who is responsible […]

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The Division of Personal Property during a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be complicated. From determining child custody to dividing property, there are many moving pieces that need to be considered. There are several factors that are taken into consideration when dividing personal property and assessing its value. Here’s what you need to know to understand the basics of property division when […]

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business people

What to Consider before Deciding on a Structure for Your Minnesota Business

When starting a new business in Minnesota, one of the first things that you will need to figure out is how you should structure the organization. This one decision can have huge legal implications for your business and its shareholders. Given the importance of the company’s structure, there are some things that you will need […]

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Understanding the Basics of Child Custody in Minnesota

If you’re going through a divorce that involves a child or children, one of your largest concerns is likely custody. Although it is preferred that the parents are able to come to a mutual agreement regarding child custody, that is not always the case. In those cases, the court has to decide child custody based […]

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What Is a Sole Proprietorship?

More and more individuals are operating under sole proprietorships every year. Sole proprietorships are typically the simplest way to set up any business owned and run by one individual. As sole proprietorships are constantly increasing in presence and popularity, it’s important that anyone considering establishing a sole proprietorship understands what it is, what the advantages […]

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Financial Documents to Review When Preparing for a Divorce

If you have decided to get a divorce, you need to be prepared for the mountains of paperwork that you will soon face. Before anything else, you should begin collecting any and all required financial documents to help you prepare for divorce proceedings. If you are unsure of what documents you need to collect and […]

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What Happens after a Default Judgment?

A default judgment can expedite cases in which the defendant simply fails to show up. If you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit, obtaining a default judgment against the defendant can be a very favorable result. However, many individuals aren’t exactly clear on what a default judgment is or what happens when a default judgment […]

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Employment Agreement

Independent Contractors vs. Employees

In recent years, the Department of Labor has become stricter in making sure that businesses are not misclassifying their workers as independent contractors. Accurately classifying workers as employees or independent contractors has significant tax implications for both the company and the workers. Additionally, these distinctions have important implications for workers’ rights such as overtime pay […]

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wrongful death claims

Facts about Wrongful Death Claims

The loss of a close family member is never easy. No one wants to think about a wrongful death lawsuit while you deal with your grief and life changes – but what if the circumstances suggest you should pursue one? If another person’s wrongful act or negligence causes a death, Minnesota law provides for claims […]

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conflicts of interest

Common Conflicts of Interest for Lawyers to Avoid

All clients are entitled to ethical representation by their attorney, and clients should expect that they will be represented without bias. One area where bias may present itself is conflict of interest. A conflict of interest is defined as a conflict between professional duties and private interests, or when there is a conflict between the […]

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credit report

Using Background Checks and Credit Reports to Screen Job Applicants

Background checks and credit reports are useful tools for vetting employee prospects. However, employers must beware of potential pitfalls when using these consumer reports in the hiring process, as there are several laws that restrict their use. What to Do before Gathering Background Information Before performing a background check on a job applicant, employers must […]

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motion to dismiss

What is a Motion to Dismiss?

Not every lawsuit goes to trial. If someone has filed a complaint against you, it does not mean that you must go before the court – but it does mean that you must respond. A “Motion to Dismiss” is one such response. It is usually filed immediately after the complaint has been served upon the […]

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child support

Imputing Income for Child Support Calculation

In a divorce involving minor children, one of the issues that the parties and the court are tasked with deciding is the amount of child support. Child support is paid by one parent to the other for the benefit of any children of the marriage. The amount of child support, if any, is determined based […]

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child custody

Child Custody Disputes Across Two States

Disputes over child custody in a divorce or between unmarried parents can lead to highly contentious and emotionally charged conflicts. The final determination regarding custody is also a complex one, given the many subjective factors applied by the court in such decisions. In some child custody cases, matters are complicated further because the parents and […]

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motorcycle rider

Minnesota Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating and, in many situations, may be more economical than driving a car or truck. It is also the riskier mode of transportation given the relative lack of protection for the rider. Even when wearing the appropriate helmet and protective gear, a motorcycle rider is likely to suffer serious injuries if […]

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business law

Piercing the Corporate Veil – Personal Liability for Corporate Debts

Forming a corporate entity is often one of the first items checked off of the to-do list for a new business. Although not essential in every case, creating a corporation or LLC provides a number of benefits to start-up business owners – not least of which is the protection from individual liability for the debts […]

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licensing rules

Protecting Your Professional License after a DWI Arrest

Every licensed professional must adhere to the standards of their industry to stay on the right side of the licensing board. A violation of ethics or malpractice while serving a client can result in a disciplinary action – whether that be a fine, suspension, or the permanent revocation of the license. Licensing standards do not […]

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nominal damages

What Are Nominal Damages and What Is Their Purpose?

In every personal injury or other tort case, the plaintiff must prove damages as an essential element of her claim. In other words, the plaintiff must demonstrate that she suffered some harm. Damages may consist of easily quantifiable costs such as the expense of medical bills or lost wages, or less tangible but equally significant […]

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Criminal Records

Criminal Records in the Employment Screening Process

In the job application process, few factors can hold an otherwise qualified candidate back like a criminal record. If you have experienced this problem, you are not alone. Approximately a quarter of all Americans have an arrest or conviction on their record. Fortunately, an employer’s use of criminal records in the employment screening process is […]

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comparative fault

What Is Comparative Fault?

If you are hurt in an accident, you are eligible to sue the responsible party and receive compensation for your injuries. You may already be aware of that fact, especially if you have spent some time on the Personal Injury section of our website. You may also have guessed (correctly) that you won’t have much […]

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