2 strategies against stonewalling in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2023 | Family Law

Stonewalling feels exactly how it sounds. It happens when someone refuses to communicate or cooperate, which is especially hard during a divorce. This tactic can stagnate the divorce process and create an atmosphere of frustration and hostility.

Here are two strategies on how to handle a stonewalling spouse and progress the divorce proceedings.

1. Maintain open communication channels

Regardless of the non-cooperative attitude of the spouse, efforts to keep the communication lines open can help the divorce process continue. Regular attempts to initiate constructive dialogue, via various means such as emails, letters or phone calls, can sometimes encourage a stonewalling spouse to participate in the process.

Keep records of all these communication attempts. It shows commitment to resolving the issues at hand and can be helpful in court if the divorce process ends up there.

2. Seek help from a neutral third party

The involvement of a neutral third party, such as a mediator, can be beneficial in situations of stonewalling. A professional mediator can help facilitate discussions, promote better communication and help both parties reach a resolution.

The mediator’s role is not to take sides but to facilitate a conducive environment for negotiation. This neutral intervention can sometimes break the cycle of stonewalling and propel the divorce process forward. And according to Forbes, mediation is often more affordable than other tactics.

Facing a stonewalling spouse during a Minnesota divorce is undoubtedly challenging. It requires patience, persistence and strategic planning to handle effectively. By maintaining open communication channels and considering the involvement of a neutral third party, it is possible to make progress and move toward a resolution.