What should you look for in an executor?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | Firm News

Are you a resident of Minnesota getting ready to create your estate plan or write your will? If so, there are some matters you must settle before anything else. One of them is deciding who your executor will be. They are a crucial part to your estate plan and play a critical role in how things will play out after you pass on.

Forbes lists out what they think people should keep in mind when looking for an executor. They suggest looking at personality, professionalism, principles and punctuality. For personality, they suggest an executor that remains organized and cool under pressure. Someone with experience working in professional environments is ideal. Maintaining a level of professionalism in general is important.

Related to punctuality, they should prioritize handling your estate matters over anything else. This means having a strong grasp on time management. It also means you should not select anyone who is about to embark on a lengthy project. This includes starting a business, raising a new family or preparing to move. Handling estate matters is a lengthy and complex process. It often takes years to finish probate after a person passes away. The executor should know this going in.

Finally, their principles should line up with your own. They should have a similar way of viewing the things you find important. They should also have similar moral alignments and world views. This individual will handle matters on your behalf when you no longer can. You should trust that they will make the same decisions you would in any given situation.