Moving for a new job after your divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | Firm News

For many people, the end of their marriage signals a significant change in their lives. This change can affect them in a myriad of ways, whether their daily schedule is different, or they pick up new hobbies after their divorce. For some, additional changes may follow a divorce, such as starting a new career or moving for a better job. This could be directly related to a marriage coming to an end, such as someone being unable to take this step due to their spouse refusing to relocate. However, there are various considerations that people should think about if they relocate to start a new job after their divorce. 

For starters, parents should be aware of legal considerations related to relocation especially if they plan on moving to another state. Parents who share the custody of their children with their former spouse may have to work through a number of issues before they can relocate with their kids, and it is imperative to make sure that this process is handled correctly. 

Aside from legal issues involving kids, there are financial considerations to take into account as well. If a new job results in greater income, or if a parent faces financial problems due to being paid less or struggling to find work after they move, it may be necessary to take a second look at alimony and child support. After moving, staying caught up on these payments and making sure that all obligations are satisfied is imperative. To read more about various family law issues related to divorce and relocation, spend some time on our site.