Mistakes To Avoid During A Personal Injury Case

On Behalf of | May 20, 2019 | Firm News

When you suffer an injury as a result of another person’s negligence or mismanagement, there is a good chance that you will be eligible for compensation. However, in order to be awarded this compensation, you will need to file suit and begin a personal injury legal case against the person or company who is responsible for your injury. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that you can make during the course of your case which could jeopardize your chances of receiving compensation.

Failing to Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

For the sake of your case and your health, it is imperative that you carefully follow any medical advice that you are given. This usually means taking your medication, taking part in physical therapy sessions, and avoiding overly strenuous exercise. If the insurer or any other party in your case notices that you have not been following the doctor’s advice, they are likely to argue that you are not as injured as you claim to be. This is likely to have an adverse effect on the amount of compensation that you will receive.

Failing to Disclose Previous Injuries

As part of your medical care in the aftermath of your injury, you will need to provide your doctor with a detailed account of your medical history. If you hide or fail to disclose any previous injuries or health issues, it may be used against you during your case. The defendant’s legal team is likely to argue that you are not being truthful about your past health and therefore you should not be believed about your current injury. If the jury believes that you are not being truthful, it does not bode well for the future of your case.


Lying is just about the worst thing that you can do in any legal case. In the context of a personal injury case, this means that you should not make up or exaggerate any of the facts of your case. If you slipped in a small puddle, you should say exactly that in your statement. You certainly shouldn’t claim that the entire floor was covered in water. If you are caught lying, the defendant’s legal team will use it against you to reduce your compensation amount. Depending on the severity of the lie, they may even have grounds to have your case dismissed entirely.

Broadcasting Your Case

Though it can be tempting at times, you should avoid speaking to external parties about your personal injury case. Should you choose to broadcast the details of your case, you may unwittingly be breaking a nondisclosure agreement or even giving away key aspects of your legal strategy. Generally speaking, the only person that you should discuss your case with is your attorney.