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Resolving Disputes Efficiently, Cost-Effectively

The attorney-mediators of Collins, Buckley, Sauntry & Haugh, PLLP, offer mediation services to resolve divorce, family law and civil disputes outside of court. We are long-time advocates of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) because they can resolve disputes more quickly and cost-effectively than courtroom litigation. If you are seeking to avoid a costly and potentially painful courtroom battle, please contact us about our mediation services. As mediators, we remain neutral third parties, not advocates for one side or the other. Our goal is to help the disputing parties reach a fair and equitable resolution to their conflict away from a courtroom setting.

Leaders In The Mediation Movement

Over the past 20 years, our attorney-mediators have consulted with court officials and advised Minnesota state legislators as laws were drafted, honed and passed allowing for, and in some cases requiring, the use of mediation in family law disputes. Our attorney-mediators have taught and served as panel members at mediation seminars and mediation training events. Today a significant portion of our law firm’s business is in the area of alternative dispute resolution. As our mediation work has grown, our alternative dispute resolution work has expanded. Our ADR neutrals have successfully resolved disputes in arbitration, early neutral evaluation and as consensual special magistrates.

Consider The Advantages Of Mediation

  • Mediation is a proven alternative for resolving conflicts and avoiding antagonistic, costly courtroom battles.
  • Mediation is usually faster than family court in settling divorces.
  • Mediation allows you to maintain ultimate control over the outcome of your divorce versus having the court system dictate the terms of your judgment and decree.
  • Mediation is normally much less disruptive to family members, particularly children, than court because mediation encourages cooperative communication rather than polarizing you and your spouse.

The Mediation Process

  • Agreement to mediate and fees: If you decide to use our services, you will be asked to sign an agreement defining your obligations and the obligations of CBS&H Mediation Services. You will be charged for each mediation session. The fee is due at the conclusion of the session. There may be additional fees for neutral appraisers, support staff and mediator time to prepare summaries of each session.
  • Mediation: The mediation session will be scheduled. Necessary information will be gathered and reviewed. During the session, the mediator will work with the parties to resolve the dispute. Depending on the progress, additional sessions may be scheduled. It is our goal to help you resolve your disputes in a cost-effective and respectful manner.
  • Agreement: The agreement reached in mediation will, upon request, be prepared in the format required for you to finalize the divorce process utilizing your attorney(s).

The Mediators Of CBS&H Mediation Services Will Help You:

  • Identify the real issues
  • Identify each person’s needs and interests
  • Inventory assets
  • Hire neutral appraisers to value property, if necessary
  • Develop realistic budgets
  • Locate counseling services, if necessary
  • Resolve parenting issues
  • Consider tax issues
  • Control your own decisions
  • Maintain self-respect
  • Lessen emotional stress
  • Communicate cooperatively and positively
  • Resolve issues creatively
  • Put into a written form the agreements you make for document drafting by your attorney(s)

CBS&H Mediation Services Attorney-Mediators

Our attorney-mediators bring more than 125 years of cumulative legal experience to your case. Several of our attorney-mediators also serve as arbitrators and special magistrates. To learn more about our backgrounds, please follow the links below.

CBS&H Mediation Services is dedicated to working with you to resolve your disagreements impartially in a positive, respectful and cooperative atmosphere. To discuss your case, call to make an appointment at 651-968-0969 or contact us by email.