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Keeping Sexual Harassment Out Of The Workplace

The attorneys at Collins, Buckley, Sauntry & Haugh, PLLP, have decades of experience in employment law, including offering and advice and representation to both employees and employers. We have been in practice since 1971, meaning that we have witnessed most of the major advancements in sexual harassment laws at the federal and state levels. We are highly skilled in employment law, and we are ready to help you resolve or prevent nearly any sexual harassment matter you or your company may be facing.

Sexual Harassment: The Basics

Federal law, Minnesota law and Wisconsin law are largely in agreement about the definitions of sexual harassment. The two basic categories of harassment include:

Quid pro quo: A Latin phrase meaning “this for that,” quid pro quo harassment occurs when a boss or supervisor promises work-related benefits in exchange for sexual favors or tolerance of harassment, or threatens work-related consequences for refusing such favors/tolerance.

Hostile work environment: This encompasses all behaviors and verbal exchanges outside of quid pro quo. Examples include:

  • Sexually suggestive or crude language
  • Demeaning jokes or comments about a person or gender
  • Unwanted and unwelcome touching (including kissing, brushing against, etc.)
  • Inappropriate comments about someone’s appearance, even compliments
  • Staring or making inappropriate gestures
  • Displaying pornography or other sexually explicit materials
  • Giving gifts that are sexually suggestive or crude

Proving Your Claim As An Employee

Employers have a responsibility to promote a harassment-free working environment and adequately respond to any employee claims of sexual harassment. If your company ignored your claims or your harasser is someone high up within the business, it is time to bring in a powerful legal advocate. Our lawyers will help you document your allegations, gather evidence and build a case against your harasser and the company itself.

Improving Employer Compliance And Representing Companies

Many companies are legally required to provide anti-harassment and discrimination training to workers, set and enforce anti-harassment policies, and respond decisively to employee complaints of sexual harassment. Our attorneys can help you with all aspects of maintaining legal compliance, including programs that fulfill legal requirements and encourage a culture free of harassment.

If employees do take legal action against the company, we can help defend the business or otherwise resolve the complaint in the most favorable manner available.

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